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Right Team/National City Corporation to present at PeopleSoft 2002 Conference

National City's Journey to PeopleSoft 8: Migration to a Self-Service Future

Session number: 4609

Scheduled: 08/27/2002 01:30 PM

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Founded in 1845 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, National City Corporation is a financial holding company with assets approaching $106 billion and approximately 34,000 active employees.

In 2001, National City decided that the upgrade from their Oracle based HRMS/Payroll v7.02 to v8 would not be just another upgrade but an opportunity to lay the foundation for the future.

National City believed that PeopleSoft v8 contained robust system functionality that would enable best practices and position them to take advantage of PeopleSoft’s manager and employee self-service offerings. The self-service offerings acquired by National City included eCompensation and eProfile for manager self-service and eCompensation, eBenefits, eRecruit, eDevelopment, ePay, and eProfile for employee self-service.

The implementation began by challenging all of the business partners to revert back to PeopleSoft native functions resulting in the elimination of 75% of non-essential customizations and ensuring the full usage of this valuable asset. This was followed by the actual upgrade to v8 along with the implementation of the Manager self-service modules, eCompensation and eProfile. This foundation for the future created a demand for additional training of end users which was accomplished by utilizing the PeopleSoft Web-Based Learning Assistant and taking advantage of PeopleSoft training classes.

During this session we will review our challenges and triumphs both technically and functionally throughout the entire project life cycle, including a state of the union assessment of life on v8.

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